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Fun Fact! Several studios turned down Star Wars (1977).

anewhope, disney, lucas, unitedartists, refusal, universal

Several studios rejected A New Hope (Episode IV), which was released as Star Wars before 20th Century Fox consented to create it. Despite being intrigued by Lucas' ideas, United Artists rejected him. Universal, on the other hand, had little trust in Lucas to carry out an idea with such economic potential. Disney's refusal was the most ironic, prompting Lucas to turn to Fox. In 2012, however, Disney paid $4 billion for the property.

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"Sunglasses provide protection from crow's feet.


Beluga whales have a low dorsal ridge but no dorsal fins.


A category of beetle known as fireflies has more than 2,000 different species

The Khajuraho

The Khajuraho temple complex is split into three sections: Western, Eastern, and Southern.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a source of hydropower.

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The egg yolks and whites have the same amount of protein.


Flamingos have a 10,000–15,000-foot ceiling.

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Earthern pots Oil savings and eventual health improvements.


Does the kind of skin care product you use or how you use it in your regimen matter?

iguana, reptile

How Long Do Iguanas Live?

budapest, synagogue, Jewish temple, Europe

Budapest was formed by the union of three cities.

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The Dutch own more bicycles than any other country in the world

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Fun Fact! Lamborghini Invented the Viper Engine

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The most typical cause of ulcers is a bacterial infection.

chinese, porcelain, Han Dynasty, imperial dynasty, Qing Dynasty

A porcelain piece requires dozens of procedures.

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Plant milk can also taste "milky" and "creamy."


Train made of bamboo

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Egypt Borders Two Seas

ninja, japan ninja, japanese ninja, ninja, ninja hattori

Japan is experiencing a ninja shortage.

queen victoria, queen victoria family tree, who succeeded queen victoria, where is queen victoria bu

Queen Victoria spent almost two decades pregnant

Innovative Country

The World's Most Innovative Country


You can get the best skin ever with kiwis.

south korean, south korea, south korean facts, facts about south korea, facts about south korean

Did you Know? In South Korea, men are spoilt on Valentine's Day rather than women.


Pune's name derives from "Punya"

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Damselfish are farmers who cultivate small algae gardens.