There is no more secure city in the world.


Tokyo is massive, crowded, and noisy. However, it is also quite safe for all types of travelers. Crime is uncommon in this area. Tourist crimes are nearly unheard of. This is more than simply an opinion. Tokyo is frequently at the top of lists addressing safety and crime statistics.

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Two thirds of a cat’s life is spent asleep




The Russian term belukha, which means "white," is where the English name "beluga" is derived.

Largest Pyramid

Mexico is home to the World's Largest Pyramid.


Do Iguanas See at Night?

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Mirror Folklore of the Bloody Mary


People are paid to push you aboard crowded trains.

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There is a temple of rats in India

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"To convict someone of witchcraft, no solid evidence was required. "

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One of the most memorable moments in 'Pretty Woman' was improvised.

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Coffee consumption reduces suicide risk.

 Hot Pockets

In the 1970s, Hot Pockets were created.

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Sylvia Plath chose June 16th for her wedding date in honor of James Joyce's Novel 'Ulysses'

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Budapest was formed by the union of three cities.

Hindi, Urdu, language, Hindustani, north India, India

Many words have been borrowed from Hindi by English.

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In London, England, pencil sales increased by 700% in 2008.


There are 176 universities worldwide that teach Hindi. 45 of these universities are from the United States.


Allergens can also cause asthama.

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Did you Know? DC Comics bought the rights to superman for $130.

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What Is the Name of French Cinema?

Custard Apple

Custard Apple Aids in Fighting Fatigue

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Glass Can Be Made from Volcanic Lava.

Stonehenge, prehistoric, circle of stones, millennia, Neolithic period, monument

Stonehenge was constructed over several millennia in stages.

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Do you know about the cursed The Basano Vase?


Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian