stuart sutcliffe, scottish, painter, bassist, founding member, beatles, hamburg, germany, astrid kir

Stuart Sutcliffe was the name of the fifth Beatle.

stuart sutcliffe, scottish, painter, bassist, founding member, beatles, hamburg, germany, astrid kir

Stuart Sutcliffe, a Scottish painter and bassist, was a founding member of the Beatles when they were only a club act in Hamburg, Germany. He met his fiancée, Astrid Kirchherr, there and decided to stay to be with her. Only a year later, he died of a cerebral haemorrhage at the age of 21. Meanwhile, his former comrades went on to become some of the most famous artists in history. Many others, including producer George Martin, public relations manager Derek Taylor, and road manager Neil Aspinall, have been dubbed the "Fifth Beatle" throughout the years.

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