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Swiggy has a large executive team in leadership

swiggy, swiggy india, swiggy instamart, swiggy delivery, swiggy share price, swiggy food delivery, s

Swiggy has expanded so fast and to such a large size that it requires a huge team of executives to sure its continued excellence in customer service. It is led by a group of 29 execs including Shriharsha Majety serving as chief executive officer and co-founder, co-founder Rahum Jaimini, co-founder Nandan Reddy, vice president of marketing Srivats TS, Joseph Cherian as the chief operating officer for Swiggy Access and New Supply Initiatives, and Aakash Bhotika as assistant vice president of supply. Other members of the executive team include Ninad Karandikar as Cluster Head of New Supply, Vinit Bothra as an engineering manager, and several others. These are the key players that work together to make all aspects of Swiggy flow seamle

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