raveofthrones, nairn, hodor, kristiannairn, gameofthrones, sixthseason

Hodor Can Be Said in 70 Different Ways

raveofthrones, nairn, hodor, kristiannairn, gameofthrones, sixthseason

After the events of the sixth season, when a pleasant small character was forced to the forefront of the action and we finally realized why all he can say is "Hodor," even saying the name "Hodor" can plunge many Game of Thrones fans into emotional anguish. Kristian Nairn, the actor who played Hodor, stated that there are a staggering 70 distinct ways to speak "Hodor," each with a different accent. It is a way for the character to communicate his sentiments or what he means. Clearly, Nairn done an excellent job of making the most of a character who can only utter one word. He also stated that he enjoyed playing the gentle giant and found it to be completely enjoyable. Nairn, who

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