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Swiggy hit a rough patch in 2020

swiggy, swiggy india, swiggy instamart, swiggy delivery, swiggy share price, swiggy food delivery, s

When the worldwide pandemic hit, nearly every kind of business was impacted. While delivery services were in high demand, the number of business closures and people who were unemployed hit all segments of the economy in India as well as throughout other parts of the world. Swiggy had grown large in the size of its network and had employed thousands of workers in various parts of India. Because of the lack of businesses in operation, the Covid-19 pandemic forced Swiggy to lay off more than 1000 of its workforce.

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The First to Measure the Earth's Circumference


Malta has been an independent country since 1964.

swiggy, swiggy india, swiggy instamart, swiggy delivery, swiggy share price, swiggy food delivery, s

Swiggy is successful in raising venture capital funding

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Color is essential.

sweden, norway

Cities are home to 63% of Sweden's population.

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They sprout from apples.

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House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers

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Did you Know? John F. Kennedy was laid to rest without his brain.

Spine, spinalcord

Did you know that you're taller in the morning and... in space?

fennel seed

Fennel seeds help to alleviate asthma and other respiratory problems.

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Is A Flounder A Hogchoker?

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Dark matter might be created by a boson companion.

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Neurologists understand that visualization leads to a better future.

retinol, collagen

Your skin doesn't have to itch from retinoids.

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Did you Know? Hollywood has always set the trend and of nail paints too!

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They snooze in the dunes.

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The Thakhek Loop motorcycle trip lasts four days.

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Kale has been dubbed the ideal superfood

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Fun Fact! Clea and Doctor Strange: The Power Couple

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Did you Know? Washing the face a lot doesn't clear blemishes.

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The first known tree was a leafless, fern-like plant from New York.


Even more "folded" than the human brain, the dolphin brain existed millions of years before

Bronte siblings

The Bront siblings collaborated to create fantastical worlds.

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It Costs $40,000 for a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Persian rugs, hand-knotted, rugs, caliber

Persian rugs are Exceptionally  Built