summer, summer season, summer carnival

Snow in June

summer, summer season, summer carnival

On June 2, 1975, several national cricket matches were postponed due to snow showers. The lowest summer temperature ever recorded in the UK was -5.6 °C on June 9, 1955, in Dalwhinnie, and it was again recorded on June 1 and June 3, 1962, in Santon Downham, Norfolk.

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There are enormous geckos with different chirps in Cambodia.


Blood Pressure Can Be Reduced by Grapefruit

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The practice of biting your fingernails has a formal medical name.

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Four of the top five most expensive coffee cities are Swiss.


Bhutan has a tourist policy that is low-impact but high-value.

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Did you Know? Assassin's Creed have been 20 games on 15 platforms


Sixth fact about kaleidoscopes: Greek roots for the word

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It is the world's first country to have a female prime minister.

Terracotta Army

Farmers in the area made the discovery of Terracotta Army

spine, spinalcord

Smoking harms the spine and causes back discomfort.

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Did you Know? Greek Fire, a weapon of the Eastern Roman Empire, was utilised in ship-mounted flamethrowers.

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Sushruta Samhita, the World's Oldest Medical and Surgical Encyclopedia

Alcohol misuse

Alcohol misuse is exacerbated by insomnia.

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Yes, there is such a thing as Fika.

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Did you Know? Malaysia has the world’s oldest tropical rainforest


Fingernail sweat is impossible.

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A house cat can reach speeds of up to 30mph

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The cornea is one of only two parts of the human body without blood vessels

Sri Lanka, biodiversity,  jewels, coast of India, country

It is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Teardrop of India.

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The Snow in Wizard of Oz Is Asbestos


Cambodia has a horrific history that occurred not long ago

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Did you Know? Soup is Batman's favourite food.


Breastfeeding mothers benefit from a small amount of formula.

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Mirror superstition in Rome

Times Square, New York, New Year

The man who is credited with writing Auld Lang Syne did not complete it.