The bite of a centipede is poisonous


Since they have so many additional legs, centipedes don't actually need their first set of legs for walking. Instead, they have altered the front pair of their legs to function as pincer-like appendages. Forcipules, the name for these modified legs, are poisonous. Fortunately, centipedes rarely bite people.

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In Budapest, no building rises higher than 96 metres.


It's Fine to Change Brands

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Your Skin Glows When You Dance


Inuit have creative ways to get about.

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Humans are not attacked by sea lampreys

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Egypt Borders Two Seas

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Chickens have excellent color vision.

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Tulips were once more valuable than gold.


Beluga whales have a low dorsal ridge but no dorsal fins.

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"Sachin Tendulkar's wicket is worth a shilling! "


Originally, Sofia was known as Serdika.

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Cancer-fighting qualities

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Did you Know? There might be gold in Virginia.

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Cockroach gives birth to first space babies


The Stockholm metro also serves as an art gallery.

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The Dutch consume the most liquorice in the world

Inuit art

With a lengthy history, Inuit art is incredible!

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People used breadcrumbs to erase their mistakes before erasers were invented.


oyesters can change their gender

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Another proof that reinforces the fact that the origin of the Tandoori chicken took place in the Harappa Civilization