nails, nail

The growth rate of toenails is around half that of fingernails.

nails, nail

The growth rate of toenails is around half that of fingernails. They usually expand by 1.6 millimeters each month.

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Authors nearly never create the cover and frequently have no say in the matter.

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Benjamin Franklin predicted his rival's death.

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We all know that Mumbai was called Bombay earlier, but you know why?

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Did you know.... It was nearly a Lamborghini Taurus.

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People used breadcrumbs to erase their mistakes before erasers were invented.

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The reason January is called January is rather profound.

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Well! You must rethink of your morning coffee!


Indonesia is the most active region on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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Did you know.... Who is Scarlet Witch's father?


Braille takes up more space than the traditional alphabet

Chamomile tea

Those who drink chamomile tea on a daily basis may benefit from it.

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Sunflower is an Edible Flower.

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Swiggy has made two large investments

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Glass is a liquid, not a solid.


Collagen shields the skin from oxidation:

 dragon flags

One of only three dragon flags in the world.

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Did you Know? indian oceans Oil Deposit that Accounts to 40% of World Production

custard apple

Custard apple detox

vitamin D.

It is a fallacy that adults require the same quantity of vitamin D.

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Swedish art in Stockholm subway stations

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The sense of smell of a Bloodhound can be used as a formidable proof in court.

Stained Glass

An English Stained Glass Tradition

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Djerba pilgrimage

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Did the French Create Film?