pulp fiction, quinten tarantino, uma thurman, mia wallace, john travolta, vincent vega

A Famous Pulp Fiction Scene Was Shot Backwards

pulp fiction, quinten tarantino, uma thurman, mia wallace, john travolta, vincent vega

Pulp Fiction was one of the great 90s flicks, but there are a few facts about the film you might not be aware of. One such fact about the Quinten Tarantino film is that one of the scenes was shot in reverse. When Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace suffers an OD and must be brought back to life with a shot of adrenalin, John Travolta’s Vincent Vega plunges a needle into her chest. To avoid any injury, this scene was actually shot in reverse. Travolta was filmed pulling the needled out of Thurman’s chest. Who would have known? 

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