Bulgaria is where the Cyrillic script first appeared.


Two monks from Thessalon invented the Cyrillic script, which is used in Bulgaria, in the ninth century. One of the less well-known facts about Bulgaria is this.

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Sunflower is an American Native


Short-term use of ashwagandha is safe.

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If you are a woman, you are most likely underpaid.

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How is spirituality expressed?

San Marino, Saint Marinus, Rimini, Italy

San Marino is a democratic republic with many parties.

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Affirmations Are Supported By Psychologists

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South Indian menus have around 17 breakfast dishes

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Did you Know? The Queen in Disney's Snow White and Seven Dwarfs have an uncanny resemblence to Lady Macbeth.

La Llorona

Have you heard the legends of La Llorona

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The world's tiniest cathedral city


In the world of cookware, copper is unparalleled.

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They used to go by another name.

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tunisian national flag

George Cross.

Malta received the George Cross.


When Your Iguana Licks You, What Does It Mean?

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The First Clip That Was Released On Netflix Was Called Example Show.

Souffle, National Chocolate Soufflé Day, National Cheese Souffle Day

Soufflés are frequently created using two basic ingredients:

marie curie

Did you Know? The notes of Marie Curie are still radioactive.

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Did you Know? Technically, bananas are berries and strawberries are not!

Pune, India, city

The Oxford of the East is Pune.


Flamingos have a 10,000–15,000-foot ceiling.


Centipedes hunt their prey.

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A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food claims that the Portuguese were the first to use mango grafting.

glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

Lightning Has the Power to Form Glass.

The light

The light is the world's most effective light source.