kalibangan, indusvalley, cvilization, earthquake, bikaner, demise, ancient, agriculture

The first agricultural field plowed

kalibangan, indusvalley, cvilization, earthquake, bikaner, demise, ancient, agriculture

Kalibangan in Rajasthan is one of the most important sites of the Indus Valley Civilization, which existed for around 450-600 years. This location has provided evidence of the first plowed agricultural field. This site also revealed evidence of the first known earthquake (2600 BC), which might have been the cause of the civilization's demise. The discovery of fire altars at the site suggested that the inhabitants worshipped fire. A visit to this location will give you an idea of how the ancient people lived with limited resources. You may take a train to Bikaner because it is the nearest railway station, around 205 kilometers away from Kalibangan.

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