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What Are the Three Kinds of Flat Fish?

flounder, fish, hogchoker

Flatfish are classified into three types: flounder, sole, and halibut. Flounder reside on the ocean below, where their camouflaged skin blends in with the sandy or muddy seafloor. They have both of their eyes on the same side of their head, pointing upward to provide a better view of predators and prey swimming overhead. In appearance and habitat, some are similar to flounders, except they have both eyes on the same side of their body, regardless of which side is pointing up. Halibut are the biggest flatfish, growing up to 15 feet long and weighing up to 700 pounds. They are dark-colored fish having both eyes on the right side of their body, making them well-camouflaged to predators such as sharks when viewed from above.

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