athena, athena goddess, about athena the greek goddess, greek gods, greek gods and goddesses, ancien

Did you Know? Athena Hated Medusa

athena, athena goddess, about athena the greek goddess, greek gods, greek gods and goddesses, ancien

If you thought that Athena was done with Medusa after turning her into a Gorgon, you are mistaken. Though she was the goddess of wisdom, Athena was a rare example of cold-bloodiness and cruelty even for a Greek God.

Athena held a grudge against Medusa and was not satisfied even after punishing her. So when the hero Perseus was tasked with bringing Medusa’s head to the king of Seriphos, Polydektes, Athena gladly offered her help. In the end, Perseus successfully slew the Gorgon Medusa (more on that below) but was he really the one who killed her? If we look at the myth closely, we will realize that Athena was the true mastermind, but this will become evident in the next section.

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