afrikaans, african, dutch

Despite having a Dutch foundation, a number of other languages have had an impact on Afrikaans.

afrikaans, african, dutch

The languages of the individuals who were brought to South Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries had an impact on the formation of Afrikaans. These included the now mainly extinct Khoisan languages, several Bantu languages (primarily Xhosa and Zulu), Malay, Portuguese, French, German, Scottish, Yiddish, and South African English.

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In southern England, over 37,000 people gather at Stonehenge to see the summer solstice.

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lowest-priced Oscar winner

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And some pirates did have hooks and wooden pegs.

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For the Oxford English Dictionary, J.R.R. Tolkien researched the word etymologies.

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Affirmations Are Supported By Psychologists

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An employer came under fire for refusing to hire certain signs.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Is Not Cactus

Clinical hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis differs greatly from stage hypnosis.

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There are clear differences between north and south korean.

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Moon Knight Powers changes with Moon

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The popularity of crochet is rising!


Formula does not help babies sleep (Sorry, Mom)


Kiwi can support strong bones.

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Like tattoos? Get one in braille!


A soufflé is only fluffy and puffy for 5 or 10 minutes.


In Turkey, a hunter-gatherer temple can be discovered.

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Stage hypnosis is not appropriate for everyone.

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Did you Know? Some massive objects can make gravitational waves.

Tropical America

Tropical America is the Mimosa Pudica's original habitat.


Diabetics are helped by Amaltas

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The record for the loudest purr is 67.8db(A)

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A well-known traditional treatment for all health problems, turmeric milk


Australia lost a prime minister in 1967.

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Is spirituality about connecting with your inner self ?