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Taiwan is the size of Belgium but has 23 million residents

taiwan, china taiwan, is taiwan a country, taiwan news, china taiwan news, taiwan flag, is taiwan pa

Belgium only has 11 million residents. This makes it a densely populated country… Especially when you consider that 50% of the island is covered in forest and therefore uninhabited. In fact, 90% of the population lives along a strip of land along the east coast.

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The oceans contain more algae than there are stars in the entire universe.

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Make Up And Ancient Egyptians


Roses have hundreds of scent molecules combining notes of different aromas

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Are all PCOS patients are obese?

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There are enormous geckos with different chirps in Cambodia.

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The longest cricket match lasted 14 days.

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Coke had a promotion in which they filled their cans with disgusting concoctions.

Messi FC Barcelona

Messi was hired by FC Barcelona by drafting his contract on a napkin.

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Did you Know? St. Valentine wasn't just one person.


When you cook lobsters, they don't scream in pain.


Long before settlers arrived, first Nations peoples were already eating lowbush blueberries.


A Swedish beverage outsells Coca-Cola.

taiwan, china taiwan, is taiwan a country, taiwan news, china taiwan news, taiwan flag, is taiwan pa

Only 2.3% of the Taiwanese population is native

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North Korea owes Volvo a 45-year-old debt.


Your risk of cataracts can be impacted by your diet and lifestyle.

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Only 70–75 percent of the world's population uses toilet paper.

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Cashew trees grow in tropical climates.

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Authors nearly never create the cover and frequently have no say in the matter.

sweden, norway

Solar System Scaling

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During WWII, wearing lipstick became a symbol of patriotism.

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A human could swim through a blue whale's veins.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's national flag is one of the world's oldest.

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Did you Know? There was a Marvel and DC crossover.

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Interesting fact! Jonathan Hamm Ellie Kemper's Drama Instructor

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The Fundamental Attribution Error may aid in explaining conspiracy ideas.