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Taiwan is the size of Belgium but has 23 million residents

taiwan, china taiwan, is taiwan a country, taiwan news, china taiwan news, taiwan flag, is taiwan pa

Belgium only has 11 million residents. This makes it a densely populated country… Especially when you consider that 50% of the island is covered in forest and therefore uninhabited. In fact, 90% of the population lives along a strip of land along the east coast.

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Test cricket's fifth-youngest player

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More than a quarter of women seeking medical attention for menopausal symptoms had to see their doctor three or more times before receiving therapy or support.

Genghis Khan

Why is Genghis Khan a famous name?

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Harvard has a history of high achievers


You are more likely to overlook Mount Fuji.

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You are more creative solving the problems of others than your own.


Is home to two of the world's most livable cities.



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We Know Very Little About How The Rorschach Test Cards Were Created.


Raw Materials Are Used

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What Does Psychology Have to Say About Dreams?

chia seed

Chia seeds have a 9-fold capacity for water absorption.

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The eye disorder known as heterochromia is characterized by the presence of two distinct hues, one in each eye.

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You can use sunflowers as scrubbing pads.

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The Nepetalactone Is Everything.


No such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua exists.

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It had the greatest mortality rate as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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One-third of the Netherlands is under sea level


Blood is required for fingernail survival.

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Did you Know? Charles Dickens was little bit of eccentric.

Golf balls

Golf balls were once made from lobsters shells.


Nobody is aware of the eruption's precise date in pompeii

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India’s longest bridge “Bhupen Hazarika Bridge”

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Gorillas are not prolific breeders.

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Anxiety Often Begins In Childhood