thestarks, housestark, wolves, sansa, sophieturner, northerninuit, zuni, arya, nymeria, joffrey, gam

Two of the most well-known scenes of Game of Throneswere based on true historical events.

thestarks, housestark, wolves, sansa, sophieturner, northerninuit, zuni, arya, nymeria, joffrey, gam

Game of Thrones has included some fantastic moments that appeared almost unreal, but it has now been discovered that two of the show's most renowned scenes were based on true occurrences. The infamous and terrifying Red Wedding is inspired by two Scottish historical events: the 1691 Massacre of Glencoe and the 1440 Black Dinner. During the Glencoe massacre, troops sought refuge with another clan but were murdered while sleeping. Meanwhile, at the Black Dinner, a 16-year-old Earl and his 10-year-old brother were tricked into attending a feast, only to be pulled outside and killed halfway through. Furthermore, Joffrey and Margaery's wedding is based on a bloody historical occurrence. In 1153, Prince Eustace (the son o

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