facts, facts about hinduism, hinduism facts, holy scriptures, facts about purans, facts about bhagwa

What is the Fact about After Life?

facts, facts about hinduism, hinduism facts, holy scriptures, facts about purans, facts about bhagwa

There are many concepts of life after death too. While what we majorly believe is the fact that if someone has been a kind, generous and good person, he will go to Heaven after his death. In case he has not been good enough then the person is sent to hell and is punished according to the sins he has committed. In another theory, it has been revealed that the goods and bad of a person are canceled after his death, and after reaching a neutral ground the person is sent to a commonplace after death. In addition to that, another theory reveals that a creature keeps coming back to earth in different life forms and after ding, as a human, he/she attains supreme salvation.

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