conspiracy, theory, prophecy fails, Leon Festinger, backfire effect

Tinfoil hats, unfortunately for conspiracy enthusiasts, have been shown to enhance specific radio frequencies.

conspiracy, theory, prophecy fails, Leon Festinger, backfire effect

The scientific explanation behind tinfoil hats' alleged usefulness is that the foil serves as a Faraday cage, sheltering the wearer from any electromagnetic radiation. In theory, this would keep evildoers from reading your thoughts. To be effective, a Faraday cage must entirely encompass the object it is meant to protect—which tinfoil hats do not. In 2005, MIT graduate students tested the effectiveness of partially enveloping one's head in foil by creating helmets in three distinct designs. They then measured the strength of transmissions between a radio-frequency signal generator and a receiver antenna placed at various locations around the heads of test subjects, both with and without the helmet. They di

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Grog was the pirate's preferred beverage.

Fragrant Harbour

'Fragrant Harbour' is what Hong Kong signifies.

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The Vieng Xai Caves used to hide an entire city.

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41% of the British population sleep in the foetal position

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Alien's Androids Are Alphabetized

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Buddha wasn’t chubby

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People With ADHD Don’t Have Trouble Paying Attention

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Temples that have degenerated

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India, Pakistan, and the Philippines all have national fruits.

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They must be picked with care

lake karachay, lake karachay facts, facts about lake karachay, lake karachay fact, lake karachay nuc

Did you Know? Lake Karachay is stunning because it is radioactive.

redhead, red hair, ginger hair, women

Redheads may adjust their body temperature more quickly.


Beer Is A Food In Bavaria !

Minnesota, Alaska, Lake Iliamna, United States, marine animals

There are 3 million lakes in Alaska.

polandwollin, jomsborg, balticcoast, poland, germany, mythology, kingmagnus, kingharald

Jomsborg was a mythical Viking fortification.

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Curtains are being dressed in accordance with  standards.

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The most costly Oscar winner

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Muhamad Ali Is the Only Person Whose Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Is Not on the Ground

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Your nails don't have airways.

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Did you Know? BR Ambedkar was unhappy with the constitution

Hindi, Urdu, language, Hindustani, north India, India

There are no articles in Hindi.

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Did you Know? The Claim that Batman doesn't kill is a myth

gynecologist, OB-GYN

Male Gynecologists Frequently Require Female Support

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Insulin resistance is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease in people with type 2 diabetes.