Women, Unpaid, employment, India, labor, authority, freedom, financial resources

Women spend more than twice as much time as men on unpaid labor around the world.

Women, Unpaid, employment, India, labor, authority, freedom, financial resources

Unpaid employment includes everything from parenting, cooking, and cleaning to collecting water and gathering firewood in villages without electricity or running water. Women in India spend an average of six hours each day doing unpaid labor, while males spend only one. In the United States, women spend four hours a day on average, while men spend only 2.5. There is no country in the world where the disparity is zero. A woman will spend seven years more than a male undertaking unpaid labor in her lifetime. Reduced unpaid labor for women from five to three hours each day increases female labor-force participation by about 20%. Participating in paid labor is extremely important since it provides women with authority, freedom, and fin

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nevermind, nirvana, Sam Goody, Tower Records, Badmotorfinger, Soundgarden, Blood Sugar Sex Magik,  R

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