maine, united states, america

A shoreline that stretches for miles

maine, united states, america

Maine has 3,478 miles of coastline if we add inlets and islands. This is the fourth-greatest total in the United States, after only Florida, Louisiana, and Alaska. All of the world's naval fleets could fit into Maine's deep ports.

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khajuraho, city, india, temples

Sculpture of Erotica

uranus, collided, north, south, planet, universe, solar system, seasonal

Uranus has an unusual rotation and tilt.

Times Square, New York, New Year

The reason January is called January is rather profound.

chia seeds

Chia seeds have been consumed by people for hundreds of years.

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Never Has Bulgaria Been Colonized

Walt Disney, Red Cross Ambulance Corps, France, World War I

"""Feed the Birds"" was Walt Disney's favourite song. """"Feed the Birds"" was Walt Disney's favourite song. "


There aren't several Inuit terms for snow.

maine, united states, america

There are several lakes and rivers.

einstein, einstein brain, einstein death, Albert Einstein, Albert Einstein bio, Albert Einstein biog

Albert Einstein's theories are more important than you may realise.

papua new guinea, papua new guinea about, papua new guinea facts, papua new guinea travel, papua new

Fun Fact! Papua New Guinea has the world’s third largest rainforest


Contraception use resulted in 26 million fewer unsafe abortions in the world's poorest countries.

circus maximus

The Circus Maximum in Rome is still the largest sports stadium ever constructed.

vitamin D

It's a fallacy that it's simple to obtain enough vitamin D from food alone.

Netherland, home birth, birth, child, mother

Home births are still popular in the Netherlands

chess facts, facts about chess, chess game facts,

The longest chess game possible in Chess (in theory) is of 549 moves.

language, language facts, language evolution

Did you Know? Language is thought to have originated circa 100,000 BC.

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Did you Know? Disney Princess Anna is named after an author.

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Did you Know! The sun has layers.

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Did you Know? Tarantula hawks have the most venomous insect bites.

Afrikaans, african, dutch

Afrikaans was regarded as slang or "improper" until it was made official.

Bronte, sisters, Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, Pensionnat Héger, Brussels, Belgium, liter

The Bronte sisters struggled with their alcoholic and drug-dependent brother.