rolls royce, rolls royce facts, facts about rolls royce

An enraged Indian ruler deployed Rolls Royce automobiles to gather rubbish.

rolls royce, rolls royce facts, facts about rolls royce

The magnificent automobile has also met with the destiny of a rubbish collector! When Jai Singh, Maharaja of a princely kingdom in India, was confronted by an uncourteous salesman at the Rolls Royce dealership in London who stated that he could not afford the automobile, he bought 10, sent them to India, and ordered them to be used for rubbish collection and transportation! Many would argue that he still made a lot of money for the firm, but back in the day, the assumption that honour was more important than money may have been a hit below the belt. Other royalty who handled the automobile as though it were trash? It would be the Nizam of Hyderabad and Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, both of whom were outraged by the British insults.<

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