Chamomile tea can be applied even to your hair.


Any claim that chamomile will improve hair quality is speculative at best, although Kluge observes that due to its cooling and modestly anti-inflammatory characteristics, a chamomile tea hair rinse could theoretically help soothe dry and irritated scalp issues like dandruff or itching. There isn't enough scientific evidence to support its usefulness, but if you have any on hand, it can't harm to give it a shot.

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There are 176 universities worldwide that teach Hindi. 45 of these universities are from the United States.


Around 1844, the first three-row bristle toothbrush was invented.

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Fun Fact! Days Are Getting Longer

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Did you Know? Pluto has a heart shape on its surface

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The world's shortest train track


Indonesia consists approximately 17,504 islands.

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Scientists thought this dinosaur-era tree went extinct 150 million years ago — but then it was found growing wild in Australia.


The history of Halloween includes the turnip.

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Plant milks can meet a variety of nutritional requirements.

Dust mites

Dust mites resemble tiny spiders.


Our bodies contain more probiotics than human cells.

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It Costs $40,000 for a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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Did you know.... Who is Scarlet Witch's father?

Prem Sagar

The first published Hindi book, "Prem Sagar," written by Lallu Lal (1805), is based on Lord Krishna.

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Nagini Is A Real Person in Harry Potter


One of Buddha's incisors is kept in a temple in Kandy.

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Contrary to popular belief, Halloween is not the only occasion when all the witches emerge.

Terracotta Army

Farmers in the area made the discovery of Terracotta Army

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Are there similarities between korean and other languages?


Heart disease accounts for one-third of all deaths.

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Swiggy is still privately owned

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Queen Victoria is the second-longest reigning British monarch

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Wind chill is calculated using a very precise formula.

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In China in the sixth century, toilet paper usage was first noted.

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Did you Know? Only one woman has been nominated for Oscar in Cinematography