tomb raider, tomb raider facts, facts about tomb raider, lara croft, facts about lara croft, lara cr

Did you Know? Shelley Blond, the voice behind Lara in the first game, only got to play her once.

tomb raider, tomb raider facts, facts about tomb raider, lara croft, facts about lara croft, lara cr

Lara Croft has a distinctive appearance, but her voice isn't always consistent. Lara was only voiced by Shelley Blond for one game. Lara's lines have been delivered by five different voice actresses.

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'Fragrant Harbour' is what Hong Kong signifies.

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Vision Boards Improve Your Focus

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A 6- to 8-inch-long skeleton was unearthed outside a Chilean ghost town.

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Limiting Beliefs Are Inherited, According to Geneticists