greek, philosophers, lunar, solar deities, athens, anaxagoras, lampsacus

"Anaxagoras Of Clazomenae (c.500-c.428 BCE)"

greek, philosophers, lunar, solar deities, athens, anaxagoras, lampsacus

Anaxagoras wrote only one book and he was mainly influenced by the theories of Parmenides. However, his own theory was a reaction to the Eleatic monism.

According to Anaxagoras, in the beginning, everything existed in infinitely small fragments and infinite numbers in such a small place and such proximity that they were almost indiscernible. The re-arrangement of these fragments was orchestrated by the cosmic mind which he called Nous.

Anaxagoras spend a good part of his life teaching in Athens. Like Socrates, he was one of the Greek philosophers to undergo a trial for their ideas. The Ath

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