moonstone, energy, fortune, spiritual, tiger eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Addiction Recovery

moonstone, energy, fortune, spiritual, tiger eye

Addiction is frequently associated with instability. If you are attempting to quit an addictive substance and failing repeatedly, Tiger Eye Stone may be the greatest healing stone for you. People frequently ignore the effectiveness of tiger eye gemstones to boost willpower.

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One of the best sources of dietary antioxidants

Fragrant Harbour

'Fragrant Harbour' is what Hong Kong signifies.

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Diamonds were not always mined.

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Did you Know? Some people Drank a Warriors Blood

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The flags of Indonesia and Monaco are identical.

Unexploded Bombs

Germany Has Thousands Of Unexploded Bombs

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Knowledge Of Constellations Came From Early Cultures

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The original Merriam-Webster Dictionary was $6.

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A black hole cannot be seen directly.

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Flash is a buddy of Batman, yet he does not obey his 'rule.' 

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Fun Fact! Spain is a very sunny country

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Do iguanas lay eggs or not?

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit can also be applied topically to the skin as a low-cost skincare trick.


Copper is a low-key household essential.

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Alaska is predicted to have 100,000 glaciers.

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The cornea is one of only two parts of the human body without blood vessels

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Arabic in Tunisia


This may seem perplexing but pay close attention... Quebec is another name for Quebec City.

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Empire Strikes Back revealed Boba Fett's face.

Netflix original  Kibble

On paper, Netflix's original name was Kibble.

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Moon Knight Powers changes with Moon

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In his own closet, Adam Driver recorded his final words as Kylo Ren.

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Eczema Comes in a Variety of Forms.


The history of Halloween includes the turnip.