Bali has one of the highest densities of spas in the world.


In Bali, finding a massage parlour is simple; the island has over 1,200 spas. The massage, particularly the Traditional Balinese massage, is a must-do for everyone visiting the island. Traditional Balinese massage, influenced by Chinese and Indian traditions, is distinguished by long, slightly firm strokes focused on pressure points.

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Bhutan values happiness above prosperity.

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People of New Zealand consumes the ice creams most

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Fecal transplants are ancient medicine made modern


One of the countries with the highest standard of living.

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Anxiety Can Cause Physical Symptoms


Afrikaans was a protected language throughout the Apartheid era.

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Taiwan’s Taipei 101 building was the tallest building in the world

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Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East


Why are the majority of pencils yellow?


Silk is a very adaptable fabric.

Marie Curie  psychic medium

Marie Curie once conducted research on a psychic medium.

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ADHD Is A Lifelong Condition

Braille Challenge

Ever heard of the Braille Challenge?

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Confidence in Swiggy is high among investors

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The name of E.T. is revealed in the unfinished sequel.

 lack of sleep

Your skin can suffer from a lack of sleep.

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Nevermind's cover baby is all grown up—and litigious.

cashew trees

Cashews are seeds.

the plank.

They did not actually force people to walk the plank.

Netflix  house calls

Netflix executives used to have to make house calls.

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Sachin Tendulkar is the son of a poet.

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A 30-foot tumbleweed Christmas tree may be found in Arizona.

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The red stains and betel leaves in Myanmar

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The Most Dangerous yet the most, yet very Small

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The reason January is called January is rather profound.