tulsi, tulsi leaf, extracts, immune, healthy

Beneficial to Heart Health

tulsi, tulsi leaf, extracts, immune, healthy

Tulsi has a significant impact on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular illnesses due to its decreased blood cholesterol content, suppression of ischemia and stroke, reduction of hypertension, and increased antioxidant qualities.

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Turkey has one of the most important sea turtle hatching sites in the Mediterranean.


Bhutan is well-known for its brilliant, colourful celebrations.

chia seed

An excellent plant-based alternative to eggs is chia.

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 Genghis Khan

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vitamin D

The better, the more vitamin D you consume

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Preamblem of Indian Constitusion was inspired by US.

amaltas, leaves, benefits

Amaltas treats diarrhea

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Insulin resistance may influence the therapy of hypertension in type 2 diabetics.

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Audrey Hepburn

It gained popularity following Audrey Hepburn's memorable scene in Sabrina (1954).

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, tea is a huge business.


Indonesia is the most active region on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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Few People Still Exist in the World Who Are Capable of Blowing Glass

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Wind chill is calculated using a very precise formula.

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease affects the brain's straucture

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Did you Know? McDonald's introduced drive-through service due to the military.

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Butterfly wings protect them from predators.


Unlike cotton, microfiber does not leave lint or scratches.

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Among the World's Toughest Helmets