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Harvard has 92 kilometers of bookshelves

harvard, harvard university, harvard acceptance rate, harvard pilgrim, harvard business review, harv

With all that land, there has got to be a couple of libraries, right? Harvard has some of the world’s most famous university libraries that boast a collection that is the oldest in America. There are 79 libraries, the main and largest one is known as the Widener Memorial Library. It houses about 3.5 million works in over 100 languages and 92 kilometers of shelves across ten levels. Four of the floors are underground because they needed to expand and could not go anywhere but down.

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Did you Know? Greek Fire, a weapon of the Eastern Roman Empire, was utilised in ship-mounted flamethrowers.

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The Netherlands has the biggest pub in Europe


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A Jolly Roger is the skull and crossbones flag that flies at the top of a pirate ship.

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A live cat was once transformed into a telephone by researchers.

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The Black Country produced the first steam engine.


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Billy, the iconic Saw puppet, was so important to filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell that they paid for it to have its own seat on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles.

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Did you Know? Roald Dahl, the beloved children's book author, was a spy.


Before Charlotte, Anne and Emily were able to locate a publisher.

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Long before Einstein, Galileo wrote about relativity.

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Did you Know? The Black Spider Suit was created by a fan.

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Is Soy Formula Safe?

Milan, Italy

It’s a legal requirement to smile at all times except at funerals or hospitals in Milan, Italy

Clinical hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis differs greatly from stage hypnosis.

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Quartz Crystal activation requires programming.

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Did you Know? Disney Princess Anna is named after an author.

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Barbie has been at the center of many-body image controversies .

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International Asteroid Day was established in 2016 by the UN General Assembly.


Lobsters use their legs to taste.


The Most Popular German Surname Is Müller

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Did you Know? Mind is more active in dreams as compared to when a person is awake

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Increasing Vitamin D Intake May Help Blood Sugar Levels