Crocheting encourages more crocheting.


While it doesn't happen to everyone who starts crocheting, for most people who continue to do so, the hobby develops into a huge passion. There is a cause for the proliferation of "hooked on crochet" jokes and goods. In contrast to many other hobbies, this one is prone to a certain level of obsession, which is quite common. With any other activity I find enjoyable, I had never before encountered this obsession. Number one on this list, in my opinion, is the widespread crocheting compulsion.

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red lips, lipstick, makeup

In the 1700s, Britain prohibited lipstick because it fooled males.

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Did you Know? Japan is mostly mountains

sunflower, Guinness Book of World Records, flowers, Hans-Peter, Germany

Tiny flowers make up sunflowers.

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Sumo wrestlers make babies cry for good luck.


Countless species, including fireflies, are bioluminescent,


Insects are extensively consumed across Cambodia.

Chhath puja, vrat, bihar, india, culture, hinduism


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Did you Know? The Taj Mahal was camouflaged as a bamboo stockpile during WWII.

The Kepler

The Kepler telescope has discovered over 1,200 potential worlds, including 68 Earth-sized planets.

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Monarch butterflies migrate south in the fall after spending the summer in North America.

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Earthquakes Can Be Sensed on the Other Side of the Globe

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Did you Know? Joker was almost cancelled.

Micky Mouse

Micky Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney

 Abraham Lincoln

According to one conspiracy theory, Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, did not die.

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Cats Are Sacred.. did you know that?

Snake plants

Snake plants can clean up pollutants and enhance air quality.

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Benjamin Franklin predicted his rival's death.

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease affects the brain's straucture

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The sense of smell of a Bloodhound can be used as a formidable proof in court.


The First Electric Toothbrush Didn't Work

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The original Merriam-Webster Dictionary was $6.

dorset, minnesota, mayor, roberttufts, tufts, robert, position, power

In the US there is a two-year-old mayor


Are fairyfly wasps dangerous?

human, brain, five, senses, taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing, organ, mind, soul

The Human Brain has the ability to manage emotions, memories, thinking, respiration, and other functions.


There's No Remedy for Migraines