Migrane Are Attached to Monthly cycle


The chemicals that control a lady's month-to-month cycle likewise add to headaches. Numerous ladies start encountering headaches when they have their most memorable period or become pregnant and track down help after menopause. Also, the chemicals in oral contraceptives frequently change the seriousness and recurrence of headaches or prompt them to foster in ladies who haven't had them previously.

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Dust is what dust mites eat.

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Did you Know? There is a very strange reason why Captain America isn't eating in a post credit scene of The Avengers.



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Netflix’s Original Name On Paper Was Kibble.

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A Jolly Roger is the skull and crossbones flag that flies at the top of a pirate ship.

Clea Doctor Strange

Fun Fact! Clea and Doctor Strange: The Power Couple

The Kepler

The Kepler telescope has discovered over 1,200 potential worlds, including 68 Earth-sized planets.


beagles need regular grooming

 digital sound

What is digital sound and why is it superior to analogue sound?

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The Oxford of the East is Pune.

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The number of fairyflies in the world is how many?

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The British Museum gate was once guarded by a cat named Mike

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea might make living during your period simpler.

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Did you Know? India is the Spice Capital of the world.

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The young sisters were sent to school with serious repercussions.


Omega-3-rich items made from krill are luxurious.

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The Oscars Are Held in the Dolby Theatre in Downtown Hollywood

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Swiggy has a 4 person board


Short-term use of ashwagandha is safe.


Microfiber cleans at the molecular level using electrostatics.

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Not all witches are malicious.

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1.5 million people attended the FIFA Qatar 

 Black Country

The Black Country produced the first steam engine.

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E.T. Was Brought to Life by Cigarettes

Unexploded Bombs

Germany Has Thousands Of Unexploded Bombs