tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Dates should be consumed in odd numbers only.

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tunisia is a major producer and exporter of dates around the globe. The majority of date palms are found in the districts of Kébili, Tozeur, and Gabès, where the environment is ideal for palms to produce exquisite dates. In the world, there are hundreds of date kinds that are grouped into groups: soft, semi-dry, and dry depending on how wet is the date. The most common date in Tunisia is Deglet Nour, which means "finger of light." Other common dates are Allig, Khouat Allig, and Kenta. Dates are an extremely versatile fruit. There are several items available that are derived directly from date fruits, including honey, vinegar, syrup, oils, and powders. Date palm may also be utilised as a const

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Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight Exposure Promotes Vitamin D Production

Almonds, milk, plant milk

Milk can be made from almonds!

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Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer has a genetic component.

milk, substitute, plant milk, vegan, soya milk, coconut milk, almond milk

Plant milks provide nutrients in addition to the natural goodness of plants.

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Since ancient times, people have been removing cataracts.

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Have you heard the legends of Jasy Jatere: God of the Siesta

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Chia seeds have been consumed by people for hundreds of years.


There is no more secure city in the world.

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Arizona Has More Species Than Anywhere Else.


Our bodies contain more probiotics than human cells.

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 Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger flag was not used by every pirate ship.

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Knowledge Of Constellations Came From Early Cultures


Which Movie Genre Prefer the French?

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Did you Know? Doritos may be used as kindling since they are combustible.

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Did you Know? Football is the most popular sport in Egypt

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Bamboo is where music was born.