tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Dates should be consumed in odd numbers only.

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tunisia is a major producer and exporter of dates around the globe. The majority of date palms are found in the districts of Kébili, Tozeur, and Gabès, where the environment is ideal for palms to produce exquisite dates. In the world, there are hundreds of date kinds that are grouped into groups: soft, semi-dry, and dry depending on how wet is the date. The most common date in Tunisia is Deglet Nour, which means "finger of light." Other common dates are Allig, Khouat Allig, and Kenta. Dates are an extremely versatile fruit. There are several items available that are derived directly from date fruits, including honey, vinegar, syrup, oils, and powders. Date palm may also be utilised as a const

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Mangoes in South India were referred to as aam-kaay in Tamil, which became maam-kaay as a result of the numerous regional dialects there.

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Humidity is ideal for dust mites.

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Persian carpets have a long history


What qualities should I consider when choosing a product?

Vision Boards

Vision Boards Increase Productivity

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Researchers cast dead bodies

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Christian saints warned that the lipstick was the devil's work.

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We want to squeeze cute things for a purpose.

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Bangkok has the longest city name in the World


Sometimes, heavy bleeding might be caused by stomach ulcers.

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Mysterious Scandal Point


Amaltas heals intestinal conditions


Tulsi is Helpful for Kidney Stones and Gouty Arthritis

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Did the French Create Film?

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For yeti researchers, the Cold War increased the stakes.


Silk has a built-in ability to control temperature.

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Did you Know? The Olympics Used to Award Medals for Art.

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