The Busiest Pedestrian Crossing in the World is in Tokyo.


If you've seen the crowds that gather around Oxford Circus in London when the green man arrives, you might find this hard to believe. Shibuya Crossing, on the other hand, frequently sees up to 2,500 people crossing at the same time. That's a lot of work!

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80% of mammals in Australia are endemic.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is jam-packed with a wide range of creatures.


The Chihuahuas is among the earliest recognised breeds.

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A human could swim through a blue whale's veins.

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Did you Know? Umbrellas were once only used by women.

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A hypnotised individual maintains complete control.


Short-term use of ashwagandha is safe.

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What is the path of sound waves?

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India’s longest bridge “Bhupen Hazarika Bridge”

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The temperature across the Universe is the same.


There are spiders everywhere!


Roses have hundreds of scent molecules combining notes of different aromas

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Did you know that Jaigarh Fort's walls are never-ending

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Did you Know? Technically, bananas are berries and strawberries are not!

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Did you Know? A cigarette contains about 4,800 chemicals in it.

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Did you Know? Halloween is the second-most commerical American Holiday of the year.

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There's a reason for the round tables at Starbucks.

M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan comes from a family of doctors.

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Cures urinary issues

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Did you Know? India’s first ever train ran between Mumbai and Thane

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Did you Know? Gayatri Mantra is composed of the initial letter of each of the Ramayana's 1000 verses.

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Did you Know! The sun has layers.

 Genghis Khan

Do you know the location of Genghis Khan's grave?


Harassment is a major issue for women who exercise outside.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant Is Well-Known Worldwide