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Did you Know? Superman once demonstrated Lex Luthor was right.

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Lex Luthor is the polar opposite of Superman. Instead of a living deity with limitless might, he is a normal mortal who ascended to power by his immense knowledge. That same intelligence convinces him that Superman is a menace to humanity who must be revealed and eliminated at all costs. In non-canon realities such as Injustice and the "Batman/Superman: Absolute Power" narrative, Superman becomes an absolute dictator of Earth, destroying anybody who resists his dictatorship. Even in official continuity, he has periodically succumbed to grandiose illusions that threaten to bring the entire globe under his despotic domination.

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Chamomile tea can also be beneficial if you are unwell or have a cold.

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Is it true that an iguana has three eyes?

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India’s Widest River “Brahmaputra”

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Since ancient times, people have been removing cataracts.

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Microfiber cleans smooth surfaces of 99 percent of germs.


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Malta has three official languages.

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If you have a face tattoo or have had facial surgery, you will need a new passport.

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There’s a Chanel perfume with extracts from a beaver’s abdominal glands

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When Einstein died, his brain was stolen.

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Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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Did you Know? The Indiana Jones props are real.