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Did you Know, You can Pass across the world's longest glass bottom bridge.

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The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is the world's longest of its type, stretching across the majestic peaks that inspired Avatar's Hallelujah Mountains. The bridge opened to considerable fanfare in 2016 and has since been the setting for several viral videos, with some tourists humorously unable to withstand the intensity of the passage. Despite its frightening aspect, the bridge is secure. Before presenting it to the public, Zhangjiajie officials urged individuals to shatter it with hammers and even drive a car across it to demonstrate its strength.

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Santa Claus

Turkey is where Santa Claus was born.

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Did you Know in South Korea.... Toilet Paper Warms the House

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse wasn't created by Walt Disney.


Even more "folded" than the human brain, the dolphin brain existed millions of years before

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Many People With ADHD Struggle With Short-Term Memory

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The Kingdom of Pagan in Myanmar

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Weather reporters maybe pigeons.

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Doctor Strange has an eye in the middle of his brow.


Some flavors are available for a short period only.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls supplies around 20% of the drinking water in the United States.

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Santa entertainers may earn up to $1,200 per hour.

canine breeds

One of the oldest canine breeds still in existence is the Indian pariah dog.


Sweden is a global economic powerhouse.

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Sushruta Samhita, the World's Oldest Medical and Surgical Encyclopedia

Walt Disney

Walt Disney didn't start out as a major artist with Mickey Mouse.

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Did you know that? Tourists in Arunachal Pradesh must get a permission.

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The British Museum has been a popular film set

elizabeth I

To safeguard her health, Queen Elizabeth I used a half-inch of lip rouge.

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How many original copies does Indian Constitution have?

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Interesting fact! Jonathan Hamm Ellie Kemper's Drama Instructor


Ashwagandha is a centuries-old natural remedy.

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Noah Webster studied 26 languages in order to write his dictionary.

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The joys of driving and crossing the roads in Myanmar

Coconut Bra

Coconut Bra "Hawaiian"