machu, picchu, machupicchu, pachacuti, inca, yupanqui, empire, roman, llama, petra, treasury, worldf

Petra is near a famous biblical site

machu, picchu, machupicchu, pachacuti, inca, yupanqui, empire, roman, llama, petra, treasury, worldf

Moses, according to the Bible, drew water from a stone in Wadi Musa, also known as the Valley of Moses. The water supply for Petra came from this location, which, according to Biblical legend, continued to gush water after Moses' miraculous act. Even though the architects of Petra were not Christians, the ancient city's proximity to Wadi Musa makes it an appealing pilgrimage destination for Christians.

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Myanmar has a number of travel restrictions for tourists


Dussehra is also known as Vijay Dashmi in some Hindu subcultures,

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There is a secret menu on Netflix.

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machu, picchu, machupicchu, pachacuti, inca, yupanqui, empire, roman

Fun Fact! Machu Picchu Is Located In A Cloud Forest

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Myth: Vitamin D levels should be checked for everyone.


The part of the eye that limits the amount of light that reaches the retina is called

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