monkeypox, disease, africa, infected, cases

How can one get monkeypox?

monkeypox, disease, africa, infected, cases

Monkeypox is transmitted when you come into contact with an infected animal or person. Animal-to-person transmission occurs through broken skin, such as from bites or scratches, or through direct contact with the blood, body fluids, or pox lesions of an infected animal (sores). Monkeypox can be transmitted from person to person, but it is uncommon. Person-to-person spread (transmission) occurs when you come into touch with an infected person's sores, scabs, respiratory droplets, or oral fluids, typically through close, personal interactions such as snuggling, kissing, or intercourse. Researchers are still investigating whether the virus is spread through sperm or vaginal fluids. Monkeypox can also be contracted by contact w

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