The Coconut emblem


The motif of a coconut tree appears on the flag of the Indonesian Scouting Organization. It represents the philosophy of a real Scout, who must make himself/herself useful in all facets of life, just like the Coconut tree is every day for Indonesians.

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Retinol does more than merely reduce wrinkles.

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T-shirts made of bamboo

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Use as an alternative to pine nuts in pesto!

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Natural Immune Enhancer


An expression that describes a phobia of Halloween exists.

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Acceptance into the Union

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Pune was regarded as a Paradise for Pensioners.


The Stockholm metro also serves as an art gallery.

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The Devil's Kettle is a huge hole that swallows half a river and no one knows where it leads.

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Not all Hermit Crabs make use of discarded seashells as temporary dwellings.

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The total length of tubing in a trumpet would be approximately 6 1/2 feet if stretched out completely.

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Another factor raising cardiovascular risk is coagulation abnormalities in insulin resistance.