redhead, red hair, ginger hair, women

It's a pain to color red hair.

redhead, red hair, ginger hair, women

Because red hair keeps its pigment more tightly than any other hair color, it must have its pigment taken before being colored by bleaching, which, of course, destroys the hair. Continue to wear red!

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vitamin, green leafy, broccoli, kale, spinach

Ruby red beets are a top supplier of nitrates

fish, humans, nostrils, organs, water, smell

Shrimps are well-known for their deliciousness! But did you know that there are over 2,000 different types of shrimp worldwide?

 Egyptian documents

According to Egyptian documents, copper possesses antimicrobial qualities.

sweden, norway

Cities are home to 63% of Sweden's population.

myanmar, pagodas, kingdom, pagan, buddhism, temples, burmese, burma, thanaka, magic

"Mount Sinai And The 10 Commandments "

mongolia, facts about mongolia, mongolia facts, mongolians, mongolia vs china, mongols, genghis khan

Did you Know? Genghis Khan is Mongolia’s founding father


Many People with ADHD Have Trouble Sticking To Healthy Routines

Stonehenge, prehistoric, circle of stones, millennia, Neolithic period, monument

Astronomy has long been associated with Stonehenge.


Which Animal Class Does a Fairyfly Belong In?

europe facts, facts about europe, fun facts europe, fun facts about europe, fun facts about denmark,

Did you Know? In Danish, there is no word for "please."

toothpick sculptures

Largest display of toothpick sculptures


Wyoming is surrounded by six states.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds Aid in Lactation

hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

There is a healthier option.

multiverse, multiverse facts, multiverse powers, multiverse real, multiverse fact, facts about multi

Did you Know? People have been imagining multiverses since ancient times.

yogurt, skin container, milk, shepherd, rediscovered

It can help strengthen your immune system.

zodiac, virgo, scorpio, chinese, language, hiring manager, feisty, critical, cancer, fbi, most dange

Libras make up the bulk of billionaires.



The Inuit

The Inuit do not kiss by rubbing their noses together.

dictionaries, editors, research, English, zeitgeist, apple, Renaissance, Alphabetically, Greek, Fren

A school district in California considered prohibiting the use of Merriam-Collegiate Webster's Dictionary.

birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

The residence of the richest man in the 18th century


Children are most at risk from air pollution, but it affects all of us.


Flamingos are toothless.

anient, egyptians, paint, eye, black, deception, copper, makeup, Alexandria, lighthouse

Alexandria Was Named After Alexander The Great

snake nose, snakes tongue

Snakes use their tongues to smell.