red lips, lipstick, makeup

Martha Washington used hog fat and whale guts to make lipstick.

red lips, lipstick, makeup

While the British forbade lipstick, it remained a popular option in the good old USA, or more correctly, the American colonies. Colonial ladies altered the color of their lips by smearing red ribbons on them and sipping lemons. One colonial-era whisky company even advertised that it would turn consumers' lips crimson. They were probably mixing up the lips with the nose and Gin Blossoms. The original first lady, Martha Washington, had her own formula for lip rouge. She combined hog's lard with spermaceti discovered in whale intestines. That sounds really revolting!

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Once Kabaddi humiliated Hitler and his ilk in the Olympics

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Beagles are prone to obesity

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221B Baker Street is a fictitious address.

Vieng Xai

The Vieng Xai Caves used to hide an entire city.

cat tiger

House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers


The first windmills were created by the Persians.

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The female with Longest legs


The history of Halloween includes the turnip.

lotion, Moisturizing, vitamin C, collagen,  wrinkles,  skin suppleness

Examine the lotion bottle's label.


One of the countries with the highest standard of living.



cricket ball

Wool was used to make the first cricket ball.

perfumer, fresh, lillies, david holtz, scent, fragrance, soap, flowers, eugenol, baloney, musk, musk

Many jasmine notes are derived from coal tar

netherlands, lowlands, europe, zuidplaspolder, vaalserberg hill, airport

There are over 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands


Sixth fact about kaleidoscopes: Greek roots for the word


why fireflies produce light?


Pompeii is located at Mount Vesuvius's foot.

vitamin D.

It is a fallacy that adults require the same quantity of vitamin D.


The Euphausiacea order include crustaceans like the krill, which resemble shrimp.

soap, saponification, Babylon, Ancient, alkali, oils,  Ebers papyrus, Egyptians, Chinese, Zhou Dynas

"Soapy" the gangster Smith got his moniker from his infamous soap scam.


Indonesia consists approximately 17,504 islands.

skin, exfoliate, dull skin, cells, rough ski, hyaluronic acid

The root portion was utilized as a medication in the past to alleviate painful conditions

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds are used to treat foul breath.