Despite their small size, they work extremely hard and it shows. If given the chance, their voracious appetites can obliterate entire homes and businesses! Termites damage property every year to the tune of billions of dollars, as was previously stated. Termites alone damage structural property in the US to the tune of $5 billion. Don't ignore the issue and incur unanticipated costs. You must have an inspection performed as soon as you suspect termites or another pest. Wood emits vibroacoustic signals that help pests decide which food source to infest next.

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Afrikaans was first taught in Muslim schools and was written in Arabic script.

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Sylvia Plath lived in an apartment that had been previously occupied by W.B. Yeats.

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The popularity of crochet is rising!


Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian

Pune, India, city

The famous yerwada prison is in Pune.


One of the few whale species with unfused cervical neck vertebrae is the beluga.

Einstein Galileo  relativity

Long before Einstein, Galileo wrote about relativity.

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A Key To Managing ADHD Is To Seek Out Places Where You Thrive

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A house cat can reach speeds of up to 30mph

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Did you Know? Chile’s Andes Mountains Has Some Of The World’s Largest And Still Active Volcanoes

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The name of E.T. is revealed in the unfinished sequel.

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The British Museum had its own tube station for over 30 years

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Around 18 dynasties ruled over south India


It’s illegal to hold salmon under suspicious circumstances

World Cup, football

1.5 million people attended the FIFA Qatar 


Collagen helps to improve skin texture:


There is no ocean, yet there are thousands of islands.

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Can You Give Your Cat Too Much Catnip?


Blood Pressure Can Be Reduced by Grapefruit


Allergens can also cause asthama.

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Three Major Horror Franchises Were Inspired by the Same Serial Killer

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No Religious or Communal Riots

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A human could swim through a blue whale's veins.


The orientation leaflets are arranged in one or two pinnae pairs in a bipinnate compound. Each pinna also contains 10 to 26 leaflets.

chinese, porcelain, Han Dynasty, imperial dynasty, Qing Dynasty

Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese porcelain was first exported.