law of attraction, manifestation, secret, universe, spirituality, energy, plato, greek

Mirror Neurons Aid in Explaining the Spread of Positive Vibrations

law of attraction, manifestation, secret, universe, spirituality, energy, plato, greek

Learning how to be an open, cheerful person who resonates at a high frequency and produces a good response in others is a big aspect of the Law of Attraction. Reflect neurons—neurons that "mirror" the behavior we observe—can help explain how we propagate positive attitudes toward others and attract kindness, generosity, and success. In other words, when someone notices you radiating positivity, the observer's brain responds in kind. This may entice people to behave nicely toward you as well. Meanwhile, studies on the amygdala (the brain's emotional center) demonstrate that when we are afraid or worried, we instill dread and worry in others! This lends credence to the Law of Attr

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