mousetrap, colin pullinger, perpetual mousetrap, lifetime, england museum, trap,  mechanism

A 155-year-old mousetrap successfully caught a mouse in 2016.

mousetrap, colin pullinger, perpetual mousetrap, lifetime, england museum, trap,  mechanism

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, as the saying goes, and this proved to be true for a very early design of the mousetrap. Colin Pullinger unveiled his Perpetual Mousetrap in the mid-1800s, claiming that it would last a lifetime. Pullinger could still make that claim more than a century later.Even without bait, the 155-year-old device on display at England's Museum of English Rural Life caught a mouse that snuck into it in 2016. In an attempt to build a nest, the mouse entered the trap and activated the see-saw mechanism. Unfortunately, the rodent did not make it. The perpetual mousetrap, on the other hand, clearly does!

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