netflix, mitch lowe, pornography, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, scandal, customer, chinese, employe

Netflix’s Executives Used To Make House Calls.

netflix, mitch lowe, pornography, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, scandal, customer, chinese, employe

During the late 90s, the company used to call their subscribers near the company’s location for surveys. They would also ask them to visit the company and observe how they work. When they visit, the company bought them coffee to gain valuable information about their usage.  


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The Royal Society of Chemistry bestowed an honorary fellowship to Sherlock Holmes.

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Uranus is not the most distant planet, but it is the coldest.

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Tamil Nadu

Only district bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

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Did you Know? Superman fought Muhammad Ali

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Suffragettes saw lipstick as a symbol of women's liberation.

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Antibiotic compounds are produced by probiotics.

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Country parks and nature reserves cover 40% of Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is one of the world's most densely populated cities.

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Our bodies contain more probiotics than human cells.


Why thyme should be used in cooking

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One of the oldest canine breeds still in existence is the Indian pariah dog.

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Turkey is home to one of Christianity's oldest churches.

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The apple did not fall on Newton's head.


Home births are still popular in the Netherlands

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One of the most powerful natural resources

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How Big Can Hogchokers Grow?

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Smoking harms the spine and causes back discomfort.