natural resources

One of the most powerful natural resources

natural resources

One of the most powerful natural resourcesTo protect the Taj Mahal from German bombers during WWII, the British government covered it with bamboo scaffoldings.

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Sunflower is an Edible Flower.


How much water is present in fog?

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Ladakh boasts the highest saltwater lake in the world that freezes.

spine, spinalcord

Your spine is more adaptable than you realise.


The origin of all plants is algae.


Amaltas heals intestinal conditions

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Did you Know? Love at first sight actually happens

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Did you Know? Language is thought to have originated circa 100,000 BC.


Cambodia's flag is the only one in the world with a structure on it.

Glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

Glass cracks move at a speed of 3000 mph when it breaks

Snow Facts, Facts about snow, Did you know

Cities are forced to dispose the snow off in different ways.

cataracts, eye, injury, operation

More factors than just the aging process can lead to cataracts.

chia seed

Chia seeds were originally utilised as a kind of payment.

Wind facts, Facts about Wind, Did you know

Wind chill is calculated using a very precise formula.

atalhöyük, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Turkey, agriculture

Agriculture first appeared in Turkey.


Get Medical Assistance if You're Still Having Breathing Issues.

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Did you Know? Halloween is the second-most commerical American Holiday of the year.

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Michael Myers Wore a William Shatner Mask in Halloween

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In 1963 a cat went to space

sea  lamprey, Atlantic Ocean, Welland Canal, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie,

The marine lamprey is thought to have originated in the Atlantic rather than the Great Lakes.

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People Have Interesting Contraception Ideas

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The Names Of The Snake Plant

Lionel Messi Two Nations

Lionel Messi: A Tale of Two Nations?


What Iguanas Are Known For


Several times a year, Christ gets struck by lightning.