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Did you Know? About 6 people were killed in the original Tom Raider.

tomb raider, tomb raider facts, facts about tomb raider, lara croft, facts about lara croft, lara cr

Sure, Lara has a lot of lions, gorillas, and dinosaurs in the game, but what about humans? Throughout the game, only six people die. To get Lara's kill count in the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, multiply that by around 100.

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Perseus Used Medusa’s Head to Neutralize His Enemies

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Did you Know? Indian Constitution is a living document


Quebec City has about 30 flights of stairs!

Braille Challenge

Ever heard of the Braille Challenge?

retinol, collagen

Retinoids should always be applied at night.

pencil, Hemingway, lead, writing, ink, black, typed

A standard pencil can write 45,000 words.

Marie Curie  psychic medium

Marie Curie once conducted research on a psychic medium.

Clinical hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis differs greatly from stage hypnosis.

Innovative Country

The World's Most Innovative Country

Vatican City

There is no prison in Vatican City

buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Not all Buddhists practise vegetarianism.

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The reverence for the monarch is high in Bangkok

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Grog was the pirate's preferred beverage.

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What is the manufacturing process for plant-based milk?


Make your own clip-in extensions clip-ins at home.

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The preferred method of carrying things is on the head in Myanmar

chinese, porcelain, Han Dynasty, imperial dynasty, Qing Dynasty

Porcelain was marked by the emperor's reign and dynasty.

minerals, vitamins

Minerals and vitamins

Inuit folklore

Inuit folklore is enormously rich.

iceberg, gallons, fresh water, five years, fujairah, ocean

One iceberg could provide enough water for a million people for five years.

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Two signs produced the most presidents.

candle, candles, romans, wax


maine, united states, america

A well-known National Park

glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

"The ""Portland Vase"" is one of the most valuable pieces of glass art in the world. "

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro translates as January River.