Swedes enjoy unusual marketing.


The Swedish Tourist Association is always looking for innovative ways to sell Sweden to visitors from other nations. @Sweden and the Call a Swede phone line have been two of the most popular and fascinating. @Sweden was a Twitter effort in which a new person took over the account each week and tweeted about their nation, life, and job. Tweeters would also communicate with the public, answering questions about the country from their perspective. Over the course of seven years, more than 350 Swedish individuals had the opportunity to represent their nation to the rest of the world. The Call a Swede phone line was established to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the abolition of censorship. The plan was for there to be a single pho

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Attempting to be "dominant" over your dog is not the greatest strategy.


JFK Was Not A Jelly Donut

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Almond butter is the best nut butter ever!

Crying Boy Paintings

Do you know about the cursed Crying Boy Paintings?

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Water was used for mirrors in ancient times.


Liver is the green colour in fried lobsters.

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Coffee consumption reduces suicide risk.


Ashwagandha is an evergreen bush that bears red berries.

Galileo horoscopes

Galileo instructed his students on how to make horoscopes

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Can you buy a ticket for the Met Gala?

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Did you Know? Macbeth was loosely based on a real king.

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Lotions are not all created equal.

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Earth has more than 60,000 known tree species

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Did you Know? Batman operates under a rigorous 'No Kill' policy.

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Eyes Display the Early Symptoms of Aging

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Did you Know? Eyes are very sensitive!

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Did you Know? In Danish, there is no word for "please."

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Australia is home to the largest species of reptiles.

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"The number of wisdom teeth varies by individual."

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Insulin resistance may influence the therapy of hypertension in type 2 diabetics.


Train made of bamboo

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Tunisian national flag

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea can also be beneficial if you are unwell or have a cold.

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Beneficial to Heart Health


Baba Marta is a fun holiday.