Why flamingos balance on one foot is a mystery.


In their typical poses, flamingos tuck one foot under their body. It has not been proven, but one theory contends that they do it to retain body heat in the chilly water of their feeding areas. Surprisingly, a study revealed that this behaviour does not result in muscle strain in their legs, meaning they

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Apple Custard Enhances Cardiovascular Health



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Did you Know? There is a thin ring around Jupiter

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Did you Know? A famous 'Pulp Fiction' shot was filmed in reverse.

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World War I saw pioneering advancement in modern medicine

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In the 1700s, Britain prohibited lipstick because it fooled males.

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Contrary to popular belief, Halloween is not the only occasion when all the witches emerge.

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Nobody expected that the first gravitational waves would be observed from a binary black hole system.


Chihuahuas have floppy ears from birth.

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Children operate a train in Budapest.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy


California is the United States' broccoli capital.


Didga the cat can perform 24 tricks in one minute

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Stage hypnosis is not appropriate for everyone.

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Did you Know? In South Korea, men are spoilt on Valentine's Day rather than women.


Liver is the green colour in fried lobsters.


Bengal's Trams

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Quartz Crystal activation requires programming.


No such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua exists.


Sunflowers come in a variety of hues.

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Beagles are prone to obesity


Crabs use the sounds of their pincers and claws to communicate.



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Talk About Control! The steering wheel of a Formula One car has 25 buttons.


Paper was previously made from copper.