rubber ball, largest, joel waul, usa, lauderhill, Florida

Largest rubber band ball

rubber ball, largest, joel waul, usa, lauderhill, Florida

Rubber-band balls are fun to bounce around when they are the size of your palm – but what about one that weighs 4,097 kg (9,032 lb)? Joel Waul (USA) made the world’s Largest rubber band ball in Lauderhill, Florida, on 13 November 2008.

The measurement took place during the celebrations of Guinness World Records Day 2008 – our annual holiday which celebrates record holders all over the world. 

A total of 700,000 rubber bands of all sizes were used for the ball – and it took him four years to make! The ball's name is 'Megaton" and it stands at 6 ft 7 tall – which is about the height of an average N

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