There are basically three types of termites: the king or queen, the soldiers, and the workers, while we're talking about the social lives of termites. Every colony of termites contains these various termites, and no colony could survive without all three. Despite their natural rivalry, they are strikingly similar to ants in this respect.

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Bhutan is one of the world's most environmentally conscious countries.

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Did you Know? Football is the most popular sport in Egypt

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Never mind that it cost more than 200 times as much as its predecessor.

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World’s highest one horned rhino population “Kaziranga”


What is the face of Islam in Tunisia?

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Did you Know? Washing the face a lot doesn't clear blemishes.

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Did you Know? The known cosmos contains an infinite number of stars.

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Do you know the story behind Venetian Blinds?

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Did you Know? One of the Greek Mythology Facts is that they had a difficult childhood

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The solid is not glass

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The base of the marine food chain is algae.


In the world of cookware, copper is unparalleled.


Is it true that an iguana has three eyes?

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The sodium content of various butter chicken recipes is always high

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First best female director


Unlike cotton, microfiber does not leave lint or scratches.

Gengis Khan

What contributed to Gengis Khan's demise?

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Extensions that clip on Better Curl Hold


Formula does not help babies sleep (Sorry, Mom)

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What is the manufacturing process for plant-based milk?


Golf was anything but relaxing in Walt Disney's opinion.

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A Fairyfly: Where Does It Live?

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Did you Know? Nintendo has been around for almost 130 years.

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A Key To Managing ADHD Is To Seek Out Places Where You Thrive

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Fun fact! Suicide is committed by certain cells.